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Window Cellular Blinds

Cell blinds are the most flexible window covers accessible. These window covers are normally known as creased or honeycombshades, and offer different levels of light filtration method of operation, making them ok for kids and pets.These window spreads are built with little honeycomb-formed pockets or “cells” expected to keep air from either entering orgetting far from your home, and thick cell textures that give an ensuring layer to keep your room at an impeccable temperature. Theseare perfect for any home stylistic layout and arrive in an extensive variety of architect roused shades and textures.


Cellular blinds resemble pleated shade when viewed from the room. However, these are made out of minimum two sheets of fabric, one confronting the room and the other confronting the outside. Both of these fabric arrive in an assortment of opacities and hues. Thelayers of fabric are joined together at the seam so that, when the blind is pulled down, pockets of air are made to protect the room.These “cells” secure your room against heat absorption in the summer.


Seven distinctive, energy efficient fabrics to choose give you comprehensive light and privacy control. These are available in a wide choice of lovely fabrics, rich structures and in distinctive transparencies. This makes exact light control and protection possible and a beautiful pleat patterns wonderful uniform appearance to the windows of all shapes and sizes.


Other than the usual cellular blinds, Insulated cellular blinds and quilted window blinds give advantages of conventional blinds and offer notably better thermal performance. Both give protection by adequately catching air inside of their cells and in addition between the blind and the window. They likewise barrier against both outside and inside noise.Both are offered with a metallized polyester layer (brilliant boundary) to further support thermal insulation with a reflective outer surface.

Mode of operation

For the convenience and safety, the cellular blinds are available with both cord and remote operation. On one hand the operation uses retractable cord that allows the blind to move smoothly on the window while it is fitted strongly on the headrail, where as on the other hand these can be operated through motorised mechanism using the battery operated remote control The ease of operation makes the blinds safe for kids and pets as well.

Place of use

Well now we know about the cellular blinds and how they can hold back the sun and wind from outside, so we can perfectly team it with the interior of our bedroom to make the place extra cozy and comfortable for day sleepers as well.

As the blinds offer good control over light we can even install them in our living room where we have our TV set to hold the glare back and enjoy our favorite show at any time.

Kids never wish to load them with extra clothing even in winters which becomes a tough task for mothers to keep them safe from chilly wind. These blinds in their room can give some ease to mothers and load free time to the kids as well.