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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Modern Flower Vases for Your Home

Bloom vases are these excellent porcelain compartments that are utilized to keep blossoms plant crisp and lively! These days, these are utilized as style adornments as well. These blooms when set in vases naturally rouses the room and draws out the splendor and vivacity of the room. These vases are produced using Chinese artistic and they have gigantic social centrality since the Paleolithic period. Be that as it may, throughout the years they have turned out to be old and out of date. With the evolving times, fashioner, recyclable and non-bio degradable pots are the drifting embellishments for home stylistic theme as of now.

  • Pencil vase

These flower vases have glue pencils arranged in the lengthwise direction down the sides of them. It is done to fashion an extremely decorative and exciting vessel. They have differently designed according to different artists. Some of them have a ribbon tied around while some artists use their flair of dressing up to add character to the vase and while in certain cases, they are simply left without any design for a minimalistic look.

  • Scrapbook vase

These flower vases may have pieces of old scrapbook paper, newspapers, tissues and more stuck to it to make an outstanding tete-a-tete piece. These flower vases are designed for certain occasions, events or people and, as a result holds a lot of significance. For example, as a birthday present, which may have clippings from the day the person was born and for Christmas the base colour for this accessory would be red with pictures of Santa, bells, stars, etc, which makes it a delightful keepsake.

  • Birch Flower Vase

These handmade birch wood flower vases are remarkably marvellous to look at. These minimalistic vases make for a great lynchpin on a table or wedding gift. These vases are traditional types that have been in existence for a long time and at times have been passed on as family heirlooms.

  • Mosaic vase

These unique flower vases are made from beautiful old tiles or even broken mirrors. These flower vases are easy to make and all they require is some broken tiles, a hot glue gun and an old container that can be transformed into a unique, colourful vase. This jar can be used not only to present flowers in homes but also as one of its kind of decorative pieces and more often than not they will also become the conversation starter.

  • Yarn vases

Cast a number on old beer, wine and soda bottles with yarn to make a unique amphora-like flower vase. Some use all the same colour yarn or twine, or switch it up and make an outline while some use different coloured threads with each line. Since these are easy to make, these vases can be made as an expression of one’s own creativity and be definite conversation starter in your parties.

  • Burlap vase

For those who want to give their home or rather any corner of their home, a rustic feel can go for burlap vases. Simple vases or long-neck containers wrapped in burlap lend a country feel to these flower vase. These vases can be adorned with ribbons, sequins or anything that one fancies in creating a stylish and a chic look and ultimately transforming the look of that corner.

  • Compact Disk and bottle vase

These beautiful flower vases are made from two extremely handy things, an old bottle, and an old CD. With the use of these two materials, it is easy to create a chalice style flower vase that can enhance the beauty of your centre table or to lend a certain look to the room. And since these are made from waste material, they are eco-friendly as well.

  • Sweater Vases

Another style of flower vases is sweater vases. These vases can be made from old socks, sweaters or scarves that are used to cover up tin cans or old bottles or old flower vases to produce fun, flashy containers. These flower vases can be useful to lend a rather warm and a rather cozy look to the corner. More often than not, these vases are used to decorate a more personalised space. You can put absolutely anything in them as well as pencils, pens, and paint brushes and, of course, the flora.

Tips to Pick Glass Table Top

Yet, given the assortment of glasses table’s tops accessible today, selecting the correct one for your table’s is fairly baffling. To make things less demanding and less difficult, here are a few elements you ought to consider while selecting a glasses table top:


What estimate do you require? On the off chance that you need a glass best for an eating table’s, evaluate the quantity of individuals that the table can situate. Just to be erring on the side of caution, go for a size marginally bigger than your ordinary supper tables. Normally, a round table (36 inches) can situate four individuals serenely, while an extensive rectangular table (48-inch by 96-inch) is ideal for very nearly fourteen individuals. Contingent upon what amount engaging you do, you can purchase a table’s top in like manner.

Then again, a middle tables or a foot stools has a tendency to be littler than a feasting table. Consequently, round glasses table tops are perfect for such tables.


Mostly, glass table tops come in a variety of shapes, such as round, oval, square and rectangular. As mentioned above, you can go for a glasses table top based on your needs. For instance, coffee tables are a great choice for small rooms. Round or oval glass table tops are best for them to give a relaxed feel.

Similarly, square tabletops are ideal for side tables. On the contrary, rectangular glasses tops suit dining tables to display a conventional dining tables look.


Once you have decided upon the shape and size of a glasses tabletop, consider the glass texture. Glass tablestops come in different textures, namely heavy glass. Make sure to choose high quality material that is robust and long-lasting, apart from being scratch and heat resistant.


You can customize a glasses tabletop in several ways. Glass is easy to cut, carve and polish. This allows you to experiment with the glass tabletop’s design. Be it a bold, contemporary color or minimalist design, choose a glasses tablestop that can incorporate class and elegance to your home or office.

Glass tabletops are an incredibly simple and stylish option to give a facelift to your typical space. Apart from their style appeal, they also protect tables and furniture from scratches and other possible damage.


Why Handmade Furniture’s Are the Best Choice?

Handcrafted Kitchen Furniture has its own points of interest in contrast with assets that is made in a processing plant. Aside from the way this is something that is altered in light of the individual’s needs, there are different reasons why individuals like to get their furniture tweaked. Give us a chance to observe the different elements that make this sort of furniture a decent choice.

Extravagance Living Designers give careful consideration to the different prerequisites and requirements of a client and propose or outline furniture that will suit the necessities in the most ideal ways. Each little detail is considered amid the time the assets is being made to guarantee that it is up to stamp.

With a Handmade Kitchen Furniture you can blend and match the different styles and outlines to get novel and altered belongings that is great. Appropriate from the size and in addition the format arranging, the furniture is styled likewise to coordinate the territory.

One of the best things about talking to Luxury Living Designers is the fact that they have the knowledge of different kinds of materials that are present in the market as well as how these materials can be used. They even know how and what should be blended together to make that perfect piece which will be one that can last for years.

Another good thing about a Handmade Kitchen Furniture is the fact that these kinds of furniture’s can be used for a variety of reasons. They are deigned accordingly so that the needs are taken care of and at the same time you get furniture that is perfect. When you make chattels, the whole idea is to ensure that you can use it in a variety of ways. While this may be possible in readymade chattels however there will always some kind of compromise you would have to make.

Luxury Living Designers take up a project and work according to the budget that is set by the customer. As much as possible they try to ensure that everything falls within the price range that the customer has and at the same time give you the best.

If you look in comparison to the furniture’s that are ready made, customized furniture is a lot more in demand. This is because with the readymade chattels what you see is what you get and there is very little room for any kind of alteration or customization. This is why opting for handmade chattels is a much better choice. You do not have to worry about replacing your furniture’s every now and then as this is a onetime investment that can be made for a very long time and it will last. Since you have the benefit of choosing what you really want, these furniture’s are unique in every way and since it is customized then there is no option for any compromise.